Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where, Oh Where, Have I Been?!?

I'm still here, I promise! I've been crafting here and there as the need arises for a card or a gift.  I guess I felt like I didn't have the time to post.  So to prove that I am still here, I will share a birthday card I created using Make the Cut.  This idea is not mine.  I have seen a paid version somewhere and thought to my self, "Self, I can make that using MTC and save me some money."  And that's what I did.
I would share the file, but since it's not really mine to share, I can't.  However, I can show you how to do it yourself and maybe you can save some money too! I will try to walk you through the steps on how I did it and I hope I don't confuse you.

1.  Create a rectangle (from the basic shapes) of the size you want your card to be when open.  I think I started with a 5" by 10" rectangle.  Put it on it's on layer and hide it.

2. Create a square slightly smaller than the front of what your card will be.  My square is 4.5" by 4.5".  

3. Import a shape. I chose a dinosaur. Size the dinosaur by clicking and dragging a corner arrow.  The size should be barely bigger than the square, so that the nose, tail, and feet are over the edge of the square.

4. Add the text Happy Birthday, keeping all the letters separate.  Nudge the letters until they over lap a little bit.  I did happy first. When I was satisfied with it, I selected all the letters in happy and clicked shape magic, weld.  Repeat with Birthday. Now nudge happy and birthday so that the bottom of happy and the top of birthday touch.(I did not do this in my original design that is pictured.  I corrected this afterwards because I wasn't completely happy with how it looked). Select both words, click shape magic, weld.  

5. Position Happy Birthday so that the the top of the word happy is overlapping the square and the the letters H, B, and Y are also overlapping the square. Part of the word birthday also needs to touch the dinosaur.  I adjusted the words by clicking and dragging the red arrows. 

5b. Select Happy Birthday and the dinosaur and click shape magic, weld.  (forgot this step in the original directions)

6. Select everything; the square, the words, the dinosaur and click shape magic, boolean join.  Don't Panic if it completely changes into something else.  Simply choose the option B-A Difference, Remove A from B. This choice should give you what we want. If not choose an option until it looks right :o) Click apply.

7. Remember that rectangle from step one? Unhide it and move the dinosaur design to one side so that the borders look nice.

8. Now select all, click shape magic and JOIN.  Voila!  You're done!

If you want to get really creative you probably could add score lines to the middle so it's easier to fold.  I don't know how to do that yet so I just use my handy dandy score board. This is not limited to just dinosaurs, either.  I'm sure you could add whatever you wanted.  

I hope I didn't confuse too much. I've added screen shots of what I'm talking about and also corrected some of the steps. You also need a square 4 3/4" to put behind the design.  My card base is green, the other square is cream colored. 

If you have any questions or comments feel free to let me know. Thanks for looking!

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